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Bebop Session 12: Jupiter Jazz (Part One)

Do you know the meaning of the word "viscous"?

Bebop Session 11: Toys In The Attic

But which donuts are the best?

Bebop Session 10: Ganymeade's Elegy

In this episode, we talk about Jet's inability to move on, followed by his sudden ability to, well...move on. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Bebop Session 9: Jamming With Edward

Can the crew handle Ed?

Bebop Session 8: Waltz for Venus

Where dancing and water colide

Bebop Session 7: Heavy Metal Queen

But who is this mysterious "VT" person anyway?

Bebop Session 6: Sympathy For The Devil

In Jay's words "We've had the science, we've had the mysticism, this one is about the magic"

Bebop Session 5: Ballad For Fallen Angels

We learn a little more about Spike's past. We also learn that Jay hates certain birds.

Bebop Session 4: Gateway Shuffle

Guess who's back! Also, we check out Bebop's connection to animal rights, among other things.

Bebop Session 3: Honky Tonk Women

In Session 3, we meet Faye Valentine and talk about Spike and Jet's Gambling problem.

Bebop Session 2: Stray Dog Strut

In session 2, the Dev Otaku crew are introduces to Ein, the data dog. We address some of the seemingly racist overtones and of course more questions.

Bebop Session 1: Asteroid Blues

In this episode, we meet Spike our protagonist and his partner Jet. We debate on who's in charge, what makes this episode both confusing and great, and why people are shooting things into their eye (a horrible way to take drugs). These and many of the other elements.

Hello Space Cowboys! Introducing the Dev Otaku

In this introductory episode, Developer Coach Jay, .Net Developer and Game Enthusiast Jamie, and Mobile Developer and College Student Keheira get on the mic and talk about why Dev Otaku and why it was necessary for these developers. They also introduce why they chose Cowboy Bebop as the first show they would check out.

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